In a home renovation, choosing the idea of flooring becomes a basic but important matter. Well, flooring is a huge aspect of renovation since its appearance will influence the renovation result that you could enjoy. About the flooring idea, many options are available but here we will talk about the solid hardwood flooring idea. 

As we know, hardwood becomes a favorite material a long time ago. It has high durability and of course, the hardwood could be applied to several home needs, including to be applied as the flooring idea.

Here, we will talk about that flooring idea and the reasons why hardwood flooring is perfect to renew home decoration. If you are interested in this matter, please read the following writings.

Solid Hardwood Flooring, What Does It Mean?

The solid wood flooring is like its name. It is a plank of flooring that is made from a solid piece of a certain wood. The wood was extracted from the tree trunk. Then, it is cut and shaped into flooring planks. 

Substantively, solid wood flooring is made from different kinds of wood. However, it could be said that hardwood flooring becomes the favorite since it delivers a higher level of durability. On another hand, the hardwood flooring idea is also nice with its unique natural patterns.

The Advantages of Using Hardwood Flooring

As we have said before, the wood flooring idea is made from different woods. However, hardwood still becomes one of the best options, although the price of this flooring idea is slightly higher than others. 

The hardwood flooring idea is applied because of its advantages, We have some advantages or benefits that you will get by using the hardwood flooring in your home renovation project. The advantages are:

A long-term investment

Hardwood flooring is chosen because of its durability. That is why many people said that this flooring idea could be a long-term investment. Well, by using this flooring idea, you could use it for up to 10 or 20 years. Of course, it is very interesting since you could decrease the fund for redecorating.

As we know that hardwood flooring is more expensive than other wooden flooring ideas. However, with its high durability, we are sure that this flooring idea is quite worth it. 

Many varieties are available 

The second advantage that you will get in using hardwood flooring idea is its various surface. We are sure that the surface of the flooring idea is very important to consider since it influences the whole result of the room decoration.

Not only the different natural colors that you will have, but you also could see some different patterns of it. Of course, with this matter, renovating a room will be more interesting and the result will be more special.

Quality guaranteed

Do you want to have high-quality flooring at home after oftenly replacing the carpet or vinyl flooring? 

Well, solid hardwood flooring is a good option to consider. When you apply wood flooring to your room, you could use it for some years without any replacement. Moreover, you just need to refurbish or re-sanded its surface to renew its appearance. 

It could be said that the wooden flooring is timeless. Then, this flooring concept is also relevant and applicable to the different styles of room decoration.

Easy to maintain

Another advantage of using wood flooring at home –which could be the reason to choose it, is the easiness of maintenance. As we know, flooring needs to be maintained to keep its condition.

The wooden flooring doesn’t tend to attract too much dust or debris since it has non-electromagnetic nature. In this matter, cleaning the wooden flooring also will be easier since you just need to mop and keep the surface dry. 

Some points above show that using wooden flooring is a good option. Besides some advantages that we show before, of course, the wooden flooring idea still have some reasons to use, such as it is good to avoid any vibration, the wooden flooring is better for babies, and, of course, the use of wooden flooring will increase the value of your home!

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Where Could I Use the Hardwood Flooring ?

Substantively, the flooring idea made from solid hardwood could be used or installed in different rooms in your home. It is because this flooring idea applies to the different room decoration concepts.

However, to get the maximum interesting matter of this flooring idea, the wooden flooring is better to be applied at:

• Dining rooms

• Playrooms

• Children’s bedroom

• Home office

• Living space

• Bedrooms

Some dots show that wooden flooring is a versatile option. However, you need to consider the wood pattern just to find the best flooring idea based on the room that you want. Then, the only areas where the wooden flooring idea cannot be used is the area that has excess water or fluctuations in temperature. The kitchen and bathroom area are the samples.

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How to Install ?

Some people said that installing wooden flooring sometimes is challenging. However, if you know its steps, you don’t need the expert and could do the DIY installment. Something that you need to know, the solid wood flooring should be fixed into position during the installation.

When installing this idea of flooring, you have some options, such as:

• Gluing the floor directly down to the subfloor using the flexible flooring adhesive 

• Using the secret nails of the secret screw to fix the wooden planks down to the subfloor 

If you still miss some information, you may look for the whole video on the wooden flooring installation through YouTube. However, if you think that it is too difficult, especially if you have no experience, calling an expert to help you is better.  So, if you want to get kinds of solid hardwood flooring with the best quality and many different patterns, you could find it on Jati Luhur Agung’s official website.
Call us and we will give you the best price!

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