modern wood kitchen countertops

Wooden kitchen cabinets are the best option when you are looking for functional furniture that offer non declined popularity. In fact, the love for kitchen cabinets made from wooden material still growing on these days. Anyway, if you want to install wooden cabinets, we suggest you consider several things so you can get the best cabinet that fits your kitchen interior.

Tips on how to choose the best wooden kitchen cabinets

Consider your budget

First, you should determine how much money you want to spend in installing kitchen cabinets. There are many wood materials to choose from, from cheap to expensive wood. To determine the cost, there are so many factors need to be considered. You need to think about the cost for woods, installation, cupboards, appliances, etc.

As for the cabinets, they usually priced according to the number of cabinets you want to buy, the finishing touch you want to have and the numbers of features that go inside them. If you don’t have large sum of money to spend, then prioritize what it is you really ‘need’ rather than choosing based on what you ‘want’ only.

Consider the kitchen style

Cabinets are the most visible interior elements inside the kitchen thus you should carefully choose the style. From the door designs to the wood grains, you want to show, it is better to pick the one that match best with the color scheme of your kitchen. Modern wooden kitchen cabinets tend to have minimalist and sleek design especially on the door.

You can also combine modern with classic or traditional look for the cabinets. Or you can choose an old-fashioned door for the cabinets while the rest stay in contemporary appearance. You can mix the wooden cabinets with marble, glasses, or even slate to create hybrid surfaces.

Know your wood materials

It is not a secret anymore that there are so many types of wood materials that can be made into luxury cabinets. You can option for solid wood as the most popular material. There are ranging from expensive to more affordable one and available in many different tones. If you don’t know which material suitable best for your kitchen, you can ask some help from professional.

Never forget to select the cabinet’s hardware

Cabinets are the most important part inside the kitchen and that’s why it is essential to pick the right hardware. Hardware like the knobs, handles and pulls will add more stylist look to the cabinets if you can pick wisely. There are variety of colors, finishes and styles for the hardware too! For contemporary styles, they tend to use little ornament with sleek lines and neutral colors.

It is better to choose pulls and knobs which feel comfortable on your hands especially if you will use them often. So, you should not only think about the style of the hardware, but it must be comfortable to use as well.

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Modern or contemporary kitchen cabinets ideas

We will show you several examples of the best modern or contemporary wooden kitchen cabinets ideas below:

You will never go wrong with shaker cabinets

What is shaker cabinets? Shaker cabinets have simpler design than regular cabinets. They have classic clean lines but still can be applied to incorporate modern or contemporary kitchen interior. The hinges usually stay hidden and thus it gives more highlight to other details like the finish and paints.

You can install this type of cabinets and combine them with light wood materials plus granite countertop. Add slate backsplash for more contemporary and high-end look.

Melamine wood for cheaper option

If you have tight budget but still want to install wooden-like kitchen cabinets then you can go with melamine wood. Melamine tends to be more economical than solid wood or real wood. Moreover, melamine has several advantages such as high in durability, usually it is waterproof and very easy to clean.

For small kitchen space, you can install melamine wooden kitchen cabinets with Scandinavian design. Install high density melamine board to have matt finishing is the perfect example for smart design.

How to style open kitchen cabinets

Wooden open kitchen cabinets are timeless and still in trends till today. You can install open kitchen cabinets as the top shelves in the kitchen and decorate it. For more contemporary or modern look, you can choose sleek open shelving cabinets with minimal ornaments. After that store your dishes in single rows, to make them neater and more organized then always keep your rows singular.

The advantage for having open kitchen cabinets are they are cost effective for those who don’t have large budget. Furthermore, it is the best option for small kitchen space.

Oak wooden cabinets

Oak is one of the most popular materials for wooden cabinets. It offers warm tone and can be mixed with both modern or traditional look. If you think that your oak wooden kitchen cabinets are already outdated then you can tone them down with cool tones. Install refreshing elements such as greens, grays or blues.

For example, if you already built oak wooden cabinets then you can pair them with grey walls or backsplash. You can add blue accessories as well inside the kitchen.

Flat panel cabinets for smooth styling

One of the best contemporary kitchen ideas is installing flat panel cabinets for smooth and minimalist styling. Try go with tile backsplash in dark color and then install light wood cabinets with flat panel style. Combine them with undermount sink for more modern touch and here you go!

Other options are to combine the flat panel cabinets with limestone backsplash and stainless-steel appliances for luxury view. You can install a drop-in sink too.

If you are confused about the kitchen cabinet model you want to install, then you can contact us, PT. Jati Luhur Agung. We have long experience in making various models of kitchen cabinets from wood. Please contact us now at +62.24.866.2688 or email us at We have wide variety of wooden kitchen cabinets to offer with affordable prices.

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