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In talking about a beautiful home, we will realize that flooring is one of the most important matters to be considered. Well, the appearance and design of flooring will increase the view of home décor. Then, what is the interesting flooring idea to be applied in redecorating home? One of the most popular answers is laminate flooring.

Well, a laminate floor idea is one of the most popular and beautiful flooring types. It comes with unique designs to maximize the result of home decoration. On another hand, this flooring idea is also cheaper than the hardwood or stone flooring idea. Moreover, a laminate floor also could give you a realistic-looking.

Since this flooring idea comes with many different types, here we will talk about some types that could be your best options. Of course, by knowing the detailed types of laminate floor ideas, we are sure that your dream to have a beautiful home –by installing beautiful flooring, could be realized!

How to Choose Best Laminate Flooring Types?

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As we have said before, there are many types of laminate floor ideas that are available and could be your best option. However, before knowing the types of it, it is also important for you to know about how to choose the best types of it.

In choosing the laminate floor idea, you need to consider its thickness. We are sure, that this matter is often ignored by many people. Something that you need to know, the thickness of the flooring idea will influence its quality. However, a higher thickness level in common also will increase its basic price. 

On another hand, to choose the right laminate floor idea, you also need to consider its aesthetics. Since this flooring idea is applied to renew the look of home decoration, considering the designs and flooring concepts are needed. Please be selective in choosing the aesthetics of the flooring, especially by combining it with the décor idea that you use. 

At least, two matters above could be the basic consideration when you want to choose the best laminate flooring to renew the look of your room. In addition, it is good when you also consider the basic material to make sure that the chosen flooring idea is durable. 

Types of Laminate Flooring Based on The Material It Imitates

There are some types of laminate floor ideas to choose from based on the material that it imitates. The types that could be your consideration are:

Looks like wood flooring

If you want to redecorate your room with the sense of nature, this look-like wood flooring idea is a good option. This flooring idea has thin layers of solid wood. Then, it is also completed by the upper layer of wood veneer and an acrylic finish to make it durable.

This type of laminate floor idea comes with several detailed designs. For example, you could choose some ideas, as Acacia style laminate floor, Applewood style laminate floor, Beech style laminate floor, and others. All samples have an appearance like wood flooring.

Looks like plastic

We are sure that it is not a popular type of laminate floor idea. However, this look-like plastic idea is an interesting option, especially with its versatility. This flooring idea is made from fiberboard. It contains an imposed interesting photo image design. Then, there are also some different plastic laminate designs to consider. 

Looks like stone

The laminate floor idea with a stone-like is very interesting. It describes the beauty and realism of the genuine stone. On another hand, it also offers a unique texture, dimensional depth, rich colors, and variations. 

Based on some points above, you could see that there are some types of laminate flooring seeing by the material it imitates. You could choose the types of flooring concept based on the appearance that you want to get.

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Types of Laminate Flooring Based on The Texture

The laminate floor idea comes with different textures to consider. Of course, the different textures will deliver different appearances and senses.

Based on the texture, there are some options for the laminate floor ideas to consider. The options are:

Smooth laminate floor idea

The smooth laminate floor idea is an interesting option, especially with its texture like marble and ceramic. However, it has a high durability material and it is easier to be cleaned than tiles. We are sure that it is applicable for those who want to have a sense of soft inside home décor concept. 

Embossed laminate floor idea

The embossed laminate floor idea is made of heat-sensitive polymer materials. The use of the materials will be very useful to raise the different patterns. The embossed idea itself is divided into two options, there are textured and embossed in a register. 

Hand-scraped laminate flooring

The hand-scraped laminate flooring originally is only available for solid hardwood flooring ideas and engineered flooring ideas. This flooring concept is quite interesting since it adds a unique antiqued finish to the laminate.

Based on its texture, the laminate floor idea has three options to consider. You may see each option to choose which flooring texture has the highest uniqueness and is effective to increase the look of your room decoration. 

Types of Laminate Floor Based on Floor Construction

To choose the best laminate floor idea, you also could consider it by the floor construction. Based on the floor construction, you could find some options, as:

HPL flooring

HPL flooring is also called a high-pressure laminate. In this type of flooring construction, the planks will be used together in a one-or-two-step process. Several layers will be first glued together to create a thick laminate floor. 

DPL flooring

DPL flooring becomes a popular construction since most laminates use this process. This process is applied by assembling all four layers of the flooring and then press and heating them to a bond. 

Well, that is all about the types of laminate flooring that you could choose. Based on the whole writings, there are some categories of laminate floor ideas to ease you in choosing it. If you want to know more about laminate flooring, We are so welcome to answer. We will make sure that you are provided with the best quality wood material that you can rely on for years. We have become a trustworthy and reliable wood flooring company in Indonesia and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. This makes us the best parquet flooring provider in Indonesia. You can contact us directly via mail or simply call us; we are available 24×7 waiting for you.