Laminate Flooring Complete Guide for You

A lot of people love laminate flooring because it has the appearance of hardwood flooring but you can get it with more affordable price. It is also available in various styles so you will get many options to choose from. Furthermore, some of them are designed so it can be installed easily. It is the perfect choice if you want to have a DIY project for your flooring. 

Choose Laminate Flooring

As a synthetic product, laminate flooring is created using various numbers of layers which then sealed together during lamination process. This design makes the product very durable but still affordable at the same time. 

Laminate components

Although the number of layers might be different for each brand, but usually they are consisted of these components:

1. Wear layer

This layer is used to protect the laminate flooring from scratches caused by daily wear. It also makes the surface of the flooring easier to clean. Furthermore, this layer makes the appearance resistance to stain and not fading.

2. Décor layer

This layer consists of printed image which will give the flooring the appearance of natural hardwood. Of course, there are also laminate that has appearance of stone or tile, but hardwood laminate is the most popular one.

3. Backer layer

This layer is the last layer that will make the laminate flooring more stable and gives it additional support.

Locking types

Locking is basically used when installing the flooring. There are different kinds of locking which usually used on the laminate such as:

1. Glueless click

This is the most popular locking types that used by various laminate flooring brand. This locking type makes the installation very easy since basically it only needs a click to lock and install the flooring. 

2. Underlayment

Laminate will be installed on top of underlayment which consist of foam padding which can absorbs the sound. It is also used as barrier from vapor and moisture especially when the flooring is installed on area with a lot of moist. 

You can get the underlayment separately which usually sold in roll. Then you can lay them down first before installing the laminate flooring. However, now you can get laminate that already come with underlay pre-attached to them. this will make the installation quicker. 

However, the pre-attached type usually still needs separate underlay for moisture barrier. You need to lay down this underlayment first before installing the laminate. So, you need to ask first before you purchase the flooring. 

3. Glued joints

This laminate flooring will need glue in order to put them together. This process will make the laminate stronger after it is installed. However, because you will need to glue it first, it will make the installation process harder. Besides it takes more time, it will also cost more to install. 

4. Pre-glued joints

Similar to the above type, it will also need glue in order to joint them together. However, this time the glue already available in the flooring from the beginning. All you need to do is to apply moist in order to activate it then you can put them together. 

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Types of Surface

Types of Surface

Laminate flooring usually come very basic without any choice for the surface. However, nowadays you can find different finish on the surface which actually enhance the appearance of this flooring. The types that you can choose are:

1. Smooth

This laminate come with plain finish that looked like varnish layer you usually see on hardwood. They are also available in glossy finish in various level of glossy.

2. Textured

Another finishing that also available which sometimes does not match exactly with the grooves that is on the grain on the printing. But most people would not see that deep so it usually looked convincing. 

3. Distressed

Usually, this type of finishing only available for solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. However, recently laminate flooring also comes with this type of finishing. It will make the laminate have antique appearance. 

4. EIR

This embossing is different from the previous textured look. For this type the embossing is created more detailed so it will match the grain on the printing. This will give the laminate more authentic appearance.

Best Places Where You Can Install Laminate

This type of flooring can actually be installed in any room that you like. However, you might want to consider a few practical advices before doing so.

1. Dining and Living Room

These rooms are the perfect areas where you can install the laminate flooring. However, to protect the laminate surface from scratch try to add protector pads especially for the couch and chairs. You also need to make sure that the flooring is durable enough to be use in this area.

2. Entrance or foyer

You should not install laminate in place with high moist such as these areas. These areas will get a lot of moist especially on snowy or rainy days. You can still install the flooring if you want, but you need to put carpet or mat to protect the flooring from moist.

3. Den or office

Laminate flooring is really good choice for this area since it typically very save area. However, you might want to put a special mat under the office chair so the wheel will not overuse the spot too much. 

4. Kitchen

Most people want to continue using the same flooring throughout the house especially when they have open layout. You can still use laminate on the kitchen area as long as you maintain it well. 

Especially since standing water that pool on the floor will damage the flooring. So, you need to quickly clean any spills when it happens. You also cannot use wet mop since it will bring too much moist. Instead, just use damp mop. 

5. Bathroom

It is the one place where you cannot use laminate flooring. The reason is because the bathroom has high humidity and moist which will damage your flooring. There is nothing much you can do to prevent the damage so it is better to use other materials that is more suitable for the bathroom.

As you can see, there are various things that you need to learn when you want to install laminate. You can also consider these things we mention here when learning how to choose laminate flooring.

Small tutorial to install your laminate flooring

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