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Once upon a time, kitchen wood is all the rage. People said that the use of wood for kitchen decoration represented a romantic sense and it is great. However, it could be said that today, the trend is happening again. Installing a wood in the kitchen becomes the favorite of many people, although there are some other concepts of decoration, especially by using some stones. 

If you look for some ideas for decoration, you will find that there are many concepts of decorations that use wood as the basic and main materials. Of course, the appliance of wood delivers higher nature warmth to the kitchen. This condition will make the kitchen becomes a complete place: it could be a place for cooking and gathering with family.

The Benefits of Using Wood Kitchens

Most people choose the wood in the kitchen because of the sense of old fashion or rustic style. However, substantively, the wood also could be applied for the contemporary style and it could be applied with different finishing touches to style your room.

Well, we have some points about the benefits of using wood kitchens to style your cooking room. Some benefits that could be a consideration are:

Timeless design

The first benefit of using wood in decorating your kitchen is the timeless design. It could be said that wood is one of the most timeless materials. This material will never go out of style and time. 

With the timeless design, wood is applicable for different kitchen decorations. For example, in a classic kitchen, the wood has an impeccable polished finish. Then, in the modern kitchen, wood could show the natural wear maximally.

Warm and comfort

Wood, which is applied as the main material in kitchen decoration has very positive characteristics. It could add both comfort and warmth to the room. We are sure that with those senses, staying in the kitchen for hours will be more interesting and the room will be full of joy.


Another benefit of using kitchen wood at home is the durability aspect. Well, you need to know that wood is extremely durable and also resistant. Besides, you also do not need to worry about the humidity. With the high durability level, of course, you could use the kitchen components for years. 

At least, there are some benefits of using wood as the main material for building your kitchen. Of course, a wood kitchen still has some other benefits to enjoy such as it could be customized in several ways and wood has high versatility.

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Best Materials for Wood Kitchens to Apply

best materials

As we know, a kitchen decoration could be built using different kinds of wood. Of course, you need to be selective in choosing the kinds of wood just to get the best result in renewing the kitchen.

Some wood options that could be chosen to build your kitchen are:

Modern plywood 

Plywood is one of the best woods to build a new kitchen at home. This wood is nice and it delivers the sense of a modern renaissance. We are sure that this wood is not the most affordable wood but plywood is also nice with its contemporary appearance.

This type of wood can be applied to some different kitchen styles. However, it could be said that in common, plywood is applied to build the Scandinavian kitchen style.

Modern solid walnut

The second option to build an interesting kitchen at home is walnut. Here, to renew the whole look of your kitchen, you could apply the concept of a modern solid walnut kitchen.

The most interesting matter about walnut is their natural appearance. It could be said that walnut provides an awesome pattern naturally. It means that you could apply this wood without doing some finishing!

On another hand, walnut also could be combined with other materials. You may see a concept of the walnut cabinet that is combined with granite countertops. 

Wood veneer

The wood veneer also could be the chosen style of kitchen wood to renew your home. Thisi concept is replicated the look of solid wood by pressing a laminate wood finish and then adding the synthetic or particle-board core. 

It could be said that this idea will be budget-less than the solid wood. However, just because it is cheaper, it doesn’t mean that the wood veneer is worse. This idea has a beautiful appearance that will increase the comfort inside the kitchen.

Modern oak

Another interesting wood to choose in redecorating the kitchen is oak. It could be said that oak is a classical wood and it will bring the sense of Victorian comes to your kitchen. This kind of wood is also nice with its solidity and sophistication.

Even though times have changed, this wood is still capable to be applied. Many ideas for modern oak kitchens are available. Of course, you could combine oak with the different materials to get the best result in building the kitchen.

Well, based on some points above, you may see that there are some best ideas for kitchen wood that you could consider. Just consider some available woods and decide the kitchen style that you want to apply.

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How to Maintain Kitchen Wood?

To keep the good appearance of the kitchen wood, maintenance is what you need to do. Well, for the maintenance, there are some matters that you need to do, such as:

• Moisture the appearance of the kitchen wood, especially when you notice the stains and spills. Here, you could use grease or food stains.

• Spot clean the kitchen wood at least once a week by using the multi-purpose cleaner or oil-based soap

• Do the deep clean at least three or four times per year. Here, you need to clear all the contents of your wood 

With its beautiful appearance and high durability, it could be said that a wood is an interesting idea to renew the kitchen at home.

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