10 trends design kitchen

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen to refresh the space? Then you might want learn more about kitchen design trends that you can follow. Especially if you are planning to change the kitchen floor. Then it is important to know which options that will give you the best appearance. 

Nowadays, people do not want the neutral or white colored kitchen that has become the standard for a few years back. Instead, homeowners becoming bolder by using brighter color options for their kitchen. Here are the stunning kitchen wood designs that you might want to follow for today’s trend.

Use dark color

As the trend shifted from white color to bolder color, more people want to use darker color in their kitchen. However, if you are still scared to use this theme, then you might want to apply dark colors to several parts of the kitchen.

For example, you can use dark granite for your countertop which will add stunning appearance on the surface. Or you can also use dark kitchen wood flooring as a subtle change.

For those that loves marble, you can try to find black marble for your kitchen countertop. This material will be more stunning when paired with earthy walnut kitchen wood or midnight green cabinet.

Two Tone design

Adding more color into the kitchen actually great since it will give more visual interest on the space. You can also add more personality by adding the color that you love into your kitchen. But make sure that can complement the other kitchen wood that you have in the space.

Use Dutch door

Having a door in your kitchen will give more access and flexibility around the house. However, normal door seems to be heavy for a casual place such as the kitchen. That is why, you might want to use kitchen wood Dutch door instead. 

This door will make your kitchen more functional. The Dutch door design might appear traditional but it is actually transformative and it has its own charm. Furthermore, you can use kitchen wood material for the Dutch door to make it richer and more elegant.

Realign backsplash tile

A lot of people are getting sick and tired of the subway tile appearance that is trendy a few years back. To refresh the look, try to alter them from horizontal align to vertical align. You can even use diagonal align if you are more daring.

By changing the backsplash time alignment, you can refresh the appearance of your space without changing the kitchen wood. This appearance will also transform the space to be more modern and sleeker. 

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Open Shelves

This concept is actually have been around for decades, however not many people used it before. But this year, you will see how this style will be more and more popular. Especially since last year the trend is to declutter the space by purging a lot of items from the space.

However, with this kitchen wood open shelves, you can now put the items that you love and survived the purge on display. It will create beautiful appearance and has a lot of function. 

By having the items in the open, you will be more cautious and on purpose when it comes to the items in your kitchen wood shelf. That way, you will be forced to declutter and minimized everything to only what is needed.

Changing hardware

You can actually freshen up the look of your kitchen wood cabinet by changing the hardware. It is easy and cheap but it will give dramatic result especially when you use eye catching hardware.

Try to find dramatic designs that are unique to spice up your kitchen cabinet. But make sure that it can blend well with the cabinetry to create seamless look. For example, you can try to match the color or the finishing so it can complement each other. 

Go Natural

Another thing that becomes the trend this year is going natural. You will see a lot of kitchen wood material around the space. Even though a lot of people seems to despise the brown look on their cabinet in the last few years, but more are embracing the basic look of natural wood.

But if you still doubt or not yet ready to go full on kitchen wood natural look, you can try to use the wood on your kitchen island. Apply the wooden material on the lower cabinet and keep the countertop light. That way, you will achieve two tone appearance that is very trendy this year.

Colored appliances

For the appliances, try to choose one with color instead of stainless-steel look that most appliances have. It will make the space more open and larger while still adding colors that make it pop out more. 

There are even some appliances that combined kitchen wood material on the handle instead of stainless-steel hardware. These appliances are very trendy and more modern which will elevate the space more.

Add artwork

You might not consider having any artwork in the kitchen, however, you should try it. Put some art pop up or framed portraits in your kitchen to give the space more personality. It is a great way to decorate the open kitchen wood shelving without having to spend a lot. 

Consider the vibes that you want to use in the kitchen, usually casual style is more suitable since the space has a more laid-back vibe. You can try to match the color of the artwork with the color scheme of the kitchen but it is not necessary. It can become a nice pop of colors among those kitchen wood material that you use.

Streamlined cabinet

If you have more on the budget or planning to do a throughout kitchen makeover then try to use streamlined cabinet. You can use kitchen wood material with streamlined design that is more modern. 

This style is very suitable for those who use open concept theme in the kitchen. The simple lines of the cabinetry will make the space appear clean. That way, you can have a sleek and modern look even for the kitchen wood cabinet.

Those are the trends in kitchen design that you might want to consider for this year. Do not forget that you should still use wooden material on the floor since it is still considered as the best flooring even today. 

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