installing hardwood flooring in your home

Installing wood flooring can increase your style, design, appeal, aesthetics, and selling points of your house.  For some people, wood has its own charm related to the color, fiber, and the groove of the trunk. Deciding on a wooden floor as an option cannot be separated from several consequences that concern its function and aesthetics.

To determine the choice of wood floors, there are some considerations before installing.

Solid or Engineered Wood?

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Before deciding, you must know about the difference between solid and engineered wood.

Solid Wood Flooring is a wood floor that in the manufacturing process uses the original solid wood material without adding a mixture of other chemicals, the type of wood that is often used is usually Teak wood and Merbau Wood, actually there are still many types of wood that are commonly used as basic materials such as Bengkirai, Sonokeling and Ulin but the best seller products in the sale of wood or parquet floors are Teak and Merbau.

For Engineered Wood Flooring, is a type of wood flooring that in its manufacturing process uses a mixture of chemical and wood powders which are processed using sophisticated technology so that it becomes a sheeting board and on top of it is given a wood motif produced by printing high-resolution photographs in order to produce wood motifs like the original .

Choosing the Wood Species

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Determining the right wood species for your home or business can be difficult, and choosing the best wood for furniture mainly depends on personal preference. In order to better understand the differences between each wood species, we offer this informational guide.


The touch of brown and red in wood adds to the unique look of this wood. It belongs to the hardwood family of the Swietenia species. This wood is known for its modern touch and the kind of finish it adds to the floor. It can also resist every kind of change that temperature and moisture brings on it. The liabilities that Mahogany brings with it is zero.


Although, it is a substitute for oak it has far too many benefits to count.  It is an excellent choice when it comes to hardwood floors. Hevea has the power to withstand air, moisture as well as temperature. This is what you will need for your house. 


Everyone has heard and knows very well about the properties of Teak. It is regarded as the best because of its high resistance and temperature content. Teak is regarded as one of the best product for your hardwood flooring. It is one of the best product in terms of quality.


In the long list of choices when it comes to wood, Sungkai is the best. It is perfect for both residential and commercial purposes. It is known for its unique texture, durability and strength. Sungkai is also known for its resistance and shine. 


Merbau is known for its unique properties. It is easier to work with Merbau. With a lot of ease and comfort one can use Merbau to fix and install flooring. The best part about Merbau is that it doesn’t wear off easily. It continues to have its shine intact after fungus or termite infiltration. This makes it an even better choice.


In comparison to other wood like Teak and Oak, Acacia is the best quality wood. It is also resistant to heat, water and termites.

These are the species with their unique set of qualities to blow your mind. So, really all about it to choose. 

Installing process

The next step you have to do after buying a wooden floor that you want is to install the wood floor. Installing wooden floors is not an easy matter to do, even compared to other types of floors such as ceramics, or vinyl, installation of wooden parquet floors is more difficult.

Installation of laminated wood flooring is easier than solid wood flooring because it does not go through stages such as on solid wood flooring. Although both Solid wood, Indoor and outdoor wood flooring are very different. because in a different form. Outdoor wood flooring is also called wooden decking. Installation of wooden decks certainly has its own complexity.

Where to buy?


There are so many wood flooring factory that provide various types and types of wood. Always choose a company that you are satisfied with the work they do. We provide the best flooring wood in Indonesia, if you want to have a discussion about flooring wood in your home, please feel free to contact us