Wood material has a very diverse in function. The wood material is widely used for furniture, building construction, to musical instruments. Its existence not only provides functional support but also can provide an aesthetic touch. Products that use wood, such as wood floors to wood cabinets will give a distinct impression that is different from the impression displayed by other materials. Many wood products also appear with a variety of attractive scraped. Hand scraped flooring has indeed become a form of wood optimization as an art object.

However, not all types of wood can be scraped. If the wood is too hard, easily cracked, and has a lot of wood, not including the type of wood for scraping it cannot be wood parquet for flooring. In PT. Jati Luhur Agung, only Acacia and Hevea wood can be used as a hand scraped flooring.

Then, how to take care of the hand scraped wood?

Wood flooring made with high-quality hand scraped wood will produce luxurious and elegant flooring. This will be of high artistic value and the price is expensive. Bearing this in mind, it would be a pity to leave it without care. Caring for hand-scraped flooring can be done easily and practically.

Hand-scraped material, if left unchecked, will easily absorb dust, dirt and even oil. Various home decorations in the form of wood carvings are very vulnerable if they are not treated properly. 

Well, how to protect wood flooring can be done by using wood parquet poles that are specially formulated to treat and protect wood materials properly. Using wood parquet polish is a very easy application. This can be done even by non-experts.

JLA Factory

Caring for hand-scraped floors can be done routinely using flooring polish. Care with flooring polish will provide many benefits for wood flooring, such as protection against liquid seepage, sun exposure and the flexibility of wood fibers themselves. We recommend using natural wood flooring polishes.

Now, here are the steps to take care of wood parquet using wood flooring polish:

  1. If the wood flooring is dirty and looks dull, sandpaper the wood flooring to the corners properly
  2. Clean the remaining sandpaper until there are no stains left
  3. Apply a wooden flooring polish with natural materials evenly using a brush or using a clean cloth
  4. Rub with the cloth until the wood flooring looks clean, the color is charming and not sticky
  5. Take care to use wood flooring polish regularly