Indonesia has abundant forests all over the country which naturally provides woods that could be used as furniture, flooring, and much other application. The uses of wood, exposed rock, and other original exposed material could become a unique representation of Indonesian houses. This makes wood flooring (parquet) a trend in Indonesian architecture’s world.

Wooden flooring and parquet floors nowadays have plenty of types and applications and have been applied in indoor flooring, decking, and stairs. While the employment of the identical material can be applied in pergolas, facades. Wood floors are a product made from wood that’s designed to be used as a structural and aesthetic floor. Wooden flooring can be a perfect choice for flooring and comes in many forms of types, styles, colors, cuts, and kinds. There are many types of wood flooring and Bamboo flooring can be considered a type of wood flooring too, although it’s material is bamboo and not wood.

Solid wood flooring

A solid wood floor is fabricated from solid wood with relatively expensive prices because it depends on the wood material such as Merbau, Rosewood, Teak wood, Yellow Balau wood. Although, using solid wood flooring can provide prestige value for the building, but solid wood flooring is not suitable for interiors in tropical countries that have high humidity levels like Indonesia. Because solid wood flooring tends to expand and shrinking that is caused by air temperatures. Natural solid wood flooring is usually produced with a thickness of 15mm to 18mm and can be refinished and repaired after sometimes.

Laminated Wood Flooring


Laminated wood flooring or sometimes referred to as imitation wood is manufactured from wood pulp adhered with glue, and then laminated with decorative patterned wood paper. Like solid wood, laminated wood flooring is not suitable for environments with high air humidity. Compared to a solid wood floor, laminated wood floors will sound hollow and looks extremely unauthentic.

Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring comes from 100% real wood, not fiber wood as used by some furniture manufacturers. It is produced from real wood with multi-layer technology processing, consisting of 2-3 layers with a general thickness of 14mm. Engineered wood flooring is relatively proof against shrinkage and bending because of air temperature. Also, this floor can be used directly underground or attached to concrete as long as the surface is flat.

Comparison Enginereed and Solid wood Flooring

CompositionConstructed from
multiple layers of
compressed cross
layered high density
plywood with a solid
wood veneer top layer
milled from a solid
piece of lumber
20-30 years120+ years
ProsNot too expensivePrice is comparatively
Withstand to moistureProne to humidity
More friendly to kids
and pets
Durable & Long lasting
Can increase your
property value
ConsCan only be refinished
1-2 times (depends on
the product)
Can be refinished
multiple times
Cannot be installed
within the basement
Are often installed in
basements & concrete
Easy to expand and
If exposed to water
and not treated quickly
it’ll swell and damage
Easy to be cleaned

There are 2 styles of mounting parquet floors on the flooring :

  1. Glue (glue down)
    Use sikabond glue or yellow glue to connect the vinyl wood flooring that you want to attach to the surface of the concrete floor that has been leveled.
  2. Plywood (nail down)
    Parquet wood directly mounted on plywood using nails. The difference between this kind of installation and the glue method is to feature primer liquid to the flooring

How to look after hard wood flooring and parquet floors

How to look after hardwood flooring and parquet floors. How to look after wood flooring is kind of easy because there are many ways to stop wooden flooring and parquet floors to be more durable, such as :

  1. Keep the ground moist, if exposed to water immediately dry it. Water absorbed into wood or parquet floors makes the flooring swell and break,
  2. Using environmentally friendly mops because excess chemicals will damage the coating. Why? Because by using careless cleaning mops – it’ll only damage the layer of vinyl wood and of course it’ll affect the looks too.
  3. There must be protection on furniture that attaches directly to the ground such as tables, chairs, cabinets. As an example at the table legs, chairs or cabinets are given a touch padded cushion so that the ends of each – every corner so it won’t scratch and damage the surface of your parquet floor.
  4. Move installed furniture directly on to the ground by lifting rather than dragging it. Because moving an item by dragging it’ll only cause damage to the surface of the vinyl floor and cause its appearance to be not nearly as good as before.
  5. For maintenance after years of application, a scrubber machine is often used. The workings of this machine will spray liquid and there’s a soft brush that immediately cleans the surface of wooden floors
  6. If the coating has faded or the owner wants to alter the color, the outer layer of the floor is often skinned and replaced with a replacement layer. The way the machine works is to get rid of the outer layer of the floor then provides a new layer in keeping the taste. This may be an answer for those of you who want to urge a brand new atmosphere or simply change the inside concept at home.

Here are several of Indonesia’s Wood flooring factory :

PT. Jati Luhur Agung
Address: Jl. Gn. Keli No.3 – 9, Karanganyar, Kec. Tugu, Semarang City, East Java 50152