engineered wood floors for kitchen

A lot of people want to use engineered wood floors for modern home since it is very popular. The reason might be because this flooring really gives a lot of benefits. Furthermore, engineered wood is a little bit different from solid flooring. 

It is made from plywood which is very high quality as the core and topped with hardwood flooring. That is why, it is more affordable but also more durable than a traditional hardwood flooring. 

Benefits of Using Engineered Wood Flooring

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Does not expand too much

The best benefit of engineered wood floors is because it does not expand too much. That is because the way it is construct that makes it very solid and will not expand as much as traditional flooring.

That way, you can use this flooring in area where traditional flooring will get damage. So, you can actually use engineered wood in bathroom or kitchen where there are a lot of moist and big temperature changes.

Very durable

Engineered wood floors are made from plywood which layered on top of each other to create a strong core then topped with hardwood flooring. That is why, they are more durable than traditional flooring. So, it is very suitable to be installed in area which is very busy such as the kitchen.

Many options are available

You can find many options for engineered wood floors with different grades and species. This means you can actually choose options that will fit with your needs. Furthermore, with different grades option, then you can choose one that suitable with your budget. Then you can choose the look that you like and find them in suitable finish for your modern home. 

Easy installation

Engineered wood floors are made so it can be laid quickly and easy. That way, it is very popular among DIYers. You can even find one with click system which is very suitable for first time installer. 

More affordable

Of course, the main thing that makes engineered wood floors very popular is because it is more affordable than traditional flooring. So, for those who want to have a hardwood flooring appearance but does not want to break their bank then it would be a good option. 

How to Choose the Best Engineered Wood Floors for Modern Kitchen Design

Engineered flooring is very suitable to be used in modern kitchen. It comes with various options that you can choose so you can achieve any look that you want. It is also very affordable so you can set a budget for this project. 

Having engineered hardwood flooring really elevate the appearance of your kitchen. If you want to use engineered wood floors for your kitchen, then you need to consider a few things. That way, you will be able to find one that is more suitable with your preference. 

See the overall appearance

When you want to choose engineered wood floors for your kitchen you need to see the overall appearance. You need to make sure that the engineered hardwood flooring can complement the worktop and your overall units. You can choose one that match the look of your kitchen countertop or you can also try to create a contrast instead. 

If you want to match the look then try to find engineered wood floors that has similar color as the countertop. You should also use the same finish as the countertop. If you want them to appear contrast then choose one with similar color but using different finish. Or you can also use different color but using similar finish. 

Consider the maintenance

Some type of engineered wood floors might need more regular maintenance than the other. Especially for treatment using specific product or for resealing time. Furthermore, some might need special tools to clean while some can be easily cleaned with anything. 

That is why, when you choose the engineered wood floors then you need to consider the maintenance. You can also mix and match the materials so some parts can be easily maintained while the other need special care.

See it in your own kitchen

When you see the engineered wood floors in the showroom you might love it. But when it is installed in your kitchen then the effect might be different. That is why, it is important to see them in your own kitchen before installation.

Talk to the employee and ask if you can get a sample that you can bring home. Then you can lay them in your countertop to see if the color match well. You should also see them during different time of the day. That way, you can see the effect when different lighting hit them.

Consider the heating

Before you install the engineered wood floors, you need to ask whether the structure can handle heating. Some engineered hardwood floor might not be able to stand heating so you cannot put them on heated flooring. 

Consider the installation

Even though engineered wood floors are easier to be installed it does not mean you can just grab them and install it whenever you want. Some flooring might need to be installed when you start to build the kitchen. 

Meanwhile some flooring can be installed after or during the process. Of course, professional will be able to fit them better than you. You need to consider all of those installation process before you decide to use any of the flooring.

Consider your budget

We all know that engineered wood floors are more affordable, but you still need to consider your budget. Set a budget which can help you to choose which option to get. Remember that better grade means you will need higher budget so consider it carefully. Consider the installation cost in your budget especially if you plan to use professional installation. 

By considering all of those things when choosing engineered wood floors, you will surely get the best one. Each kitchen is different and you surely have your own preference, that is why it is better to consider each option yourself. 

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