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Before you decide to use wood flooring, we will helps you find out the type of material that suitable to applied in your building. First of all, you have to known that each type of wooden floor has its own characteristics. Therefore, you must be able to ascertain what type of wooden floor is suitable for your room.

Types of Wood Flooring

Laminated Parquet

The laminated parquet usually uses compressed wood dust and then shaped like a wooden floor according to the desired size. This material is also known as HDF (High-Density Fiberboard). The HDF is then formed with a variety of motifs such as wooden floors and is given a scratch-resistant coating.

In terms of durability, laminated parquet can be said to be very vulnerable because the basic material is wood dust. Its character is not resistant to water, will make this laminate parquet easily destroyed or not durable. However, with a relatively cheap price compared to a solid parquet, this type of parquet has been selling well in the Indonesian market.

As a result, many producers are competing to produce at low prices. However, if you want a laminated parquet with better quality choose an existing ISO 9001 label and a minimum hardness level of AC3.

Advantages of Laminated Parquet

This type of parquet has advantages in relatively fast installation times, such as vinyl. Wood motifs and colors that arise more evenly because they are obtained from printouts. The surface layer is relatively hard & more scratch resistant.

Lack of Laminated Parquet

Laminated parquet is a service life that ranges from 5 to 10 years. If there is damage to some parts, the possibility must be repaired in its entirety (cannot be refinished). Stability to relative humidity is poor, especially under AC3. It is recommended for laminated types not to be installed in damp areas.

Solid Parquet

Solid wood flooring is the most expensive type of wood flooring compared to the others because it uses 100% material from solid wood. Therefore, the price of solid flooring is much more expensive than other wood floors. For strength, a solid parquet is relatively stronger than other types, especially those made from hardwood. Usually, this type of floor that is often used is to use materials from Hevea, Acacia, Mahogany, and Teak wood.

The main requirement of a solid parquet is that the wood must be a hardwood group because it requires stability against moisture & is resistant to termites. The average size produced for a solid parquet is from 9 cm to 14 cm wide, and from 5 cm to 13 cm long. Usually, the size of a solid parquet will be more expensive if it is larger. This can occur because in producing solid parquet of 1 m cubic logs of wood will produce a smaller size parquet that is more.

Advantages of Solid Parquet

The advantage of a solid parquet is that it has a very long lifespan and can even be decades for certain types of wood such as teak, Merbau, ironwood, rosewood, and the like. It can be refinished many times, which means if your floor looks dull or damaged, you can do repairs and repainting. The average time for repairs is done in 5-10 years, with usage records according to the provisions. It looks even more luxurious and natural.

Lack of solid parquet

The installation process in a solid parquet is quite long and must be done by an experienced interior contractor. Cannot get the same wood motif, because the resulting motif is obtained from natural products, even from the same log. Besides, the price is quite high when compared to other types of wood floors.

Caring for Hardwood Floors 

caring for parquet flooring

To maintain the colors and motifs, there are several things you can do:

1. Avoid friction against sharp objects such as chair legs, shoe heels, and the like.

2. Avoid excessive direct sunlight. At too high a temperature, the floor color can fade. Therefore, try to use curtains on the window to maintain room temperature so that it is not too hot.

3. Avoid standing water. If you find wet conditions on the surface of the floor, immediately clean with a soft clean cloth. When cleaning the floor surface, use enough water with a special cleaning fluid or just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

4. For stubborn stains, you can use the help of white vinegar or lime juice.

5. If the floor is old enough, you can do the finishing again so that the wooden floor looks like new again.

Professional Wood Flooring Industry

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