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Can I use engineered wood flooring in the kitchen? It depends on the quality of the wood used. Engineered wood flooring belongs to an ideal option for you who want to bring the warmth & natural quality of real wood in to your kitchen. Due to its unique composition, engineered wood flooring is durable to withstand a high volume of traffic and high levels of moisture & humidity. You can also combine it with a top layer of oak.

Maintaining Engineered Wood

maintain engineered wood

Because of the durable surface treatments, there’re only some maintenance points you need to consider:

• To clean the engineered wooden floor, you just need to sweep & damp using a mop regularly.

• To avoid any staining, you can mop up any splashes & spills, especially greasy and acidic ones.

• It is a good idea to top up your floor finishes regularly, like lacquer or oil. This will ensure that the wooden floor is well-protected for the long run.

When renovating/updating a kitchen, there’re a few details you need to consider, from the worktops & cabinets to the appliances, handles & tiles. However, an engineered wood floor becomes a great part of the amazing factor. You can find different styles & colors of engineered wood for your kitchen floor. So, you can choose the most appropriate one.

For kitchen, engineered hardwood flooring is beautiful. Besides, it can also cost less compared to traditional hardwood. For your information, engineered hardwood flooring means the product made from a core of plywood or hardwood of about 3 – 12 layers that are pressed together by means of cross layering & gluing. Here, there’s a top layer of hardwood veneer glued on the top spot of the core. There’s also availability of this type of flooring for any type of wood species.

One of the benefits of using engineered wood floor is that it offers more resistance to moisture levels than the solid wood flooring. You can install it in damp basements and spaces with higher/lower humidity than normal levels. You can easily install it by gluing it down directly on the dry concrete slabs on top/below grade. Alternatively, you can staple it down on the wood subfloor.

Engineered hardwood floors are available in different widths from 3 to 7 inches. They also come in different thicknesses from 3/8 to ¾ inches. Besides, they are available in different domestic & exotic hardwood species.

These type of wood floors are manufactured in 2 ways. First, the sliced/sawn cut wherein the top surface wear layer is cut from the log that shows a natural look of wood & projects a finer graining. This type of cut can also allow a thicker wear layer. Second, the rotary cut wherein the veneer hardwood wear layer is peeled off the log with big lathes. The peeling method may have wilder graining.

The Pros of Engineered Wood

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Engineered wood flooring has some pros:

• It looks amazing. Besides that, it also costs less compared to solid wood floors.

• Modern engineered wood floor is indistinguishable virtually from solid wood flooring.

• There are so many different kinds & finishes of wood you can find.

• You can sand and refinish it repeatedly. However, it is not as frequently as solid wood floor.

• Generally, it is more receptive to changes in weather. Besides that, it is also more resistant to humidity & moisture compared to regular wood flooring. You can install it over under floor heating unlike real hardwood.

The Cons of Engineered Wood

However, you also need to know that engineered wood flooring also has the following cons:

• Engineered wood flooring is not real solid wood flooring. It means it can cause irritation to some people.

• The lifespan of engineered wood floor is not near as long as real wood.

So, you have to know your demands regarding the flooring of your own kitchen. You must be aware of what kind of materials you want installed. If the preferred area for the new floor will be walked-through frequently& encounter daily foot traffic, the engineered wood floor can the best option to choose. Here, you will have much less maintenance.

Its thick wear layer allows you to sand & refinish the floor anytime you want. An area that doesn’t being walked-through many times doesn’t need a thick wear layer. Of course, engineered hardwood floor is really durable for areas that receive more foot traffic.

Engineered wood flooring is regarded as most closely aligned to a solid hardwood flooring. When it comes to the price, it has a resemblance as well. It falls under moderate difficulty with regards of installation. It goes to the stapling & gluing process to the subfloor just like the solid wood. However, there’s a possibility of buying floating engineered floor that can ride with independence on the subfloor.

These types of floors can mostly be installed in any room, except the rooms which are highly prone to moisture. The example is the bathroom.This engineered wood flooring is made from wood with little conduction to cold. So, the surface will be warm for comfort.

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Suitable for Your Kitchen?

kitchen wood using engineered

An engineered wood floor is a suitable choice for your kitchen since it is still a real wood floor. Besides, it also has a look that is hard to tell apart from solid wood flooring. How can we distinguish it from solid wood flooring?

The primary difference is related to the way the planks of flooring are constructed. For your information, engineered wood floors come as planks, parquet & panels. They can also be very transformative in any space. It really enhances the strength & resilience of the plank as it is created by layering sections of solid wood that is bonded with the grain of each piece that runs in a different direction to the adjacent layer.

The quality of engineered wood flooring is mainly determined by the dept of the top layer of the wood (the wear layer). The thicker wear layer makes the better look, feel, sound & durability of the wood floor.

After we know about the pros & cons of engineered wood flooring, you can choose a company that has an experience about engineered wood flooring.

We are the best option of chour choice, you can buy wood flooring at PT Jati Luhur Agung. Jati Luhur Agung is an Indonesia’s most experienced wood flooring company that produces the best quality of products and services.

Are you interested in having a engineered wood flooring in your kitchen?

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