engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made from 100% real wood, not fiber wood as used by some furniture manufacturers. This type of wood is processed with multi-layer technology, usually 2-3 layers with a thickness of generally 14mm. These types of wood include Hevea, Acacia, Mahogany, Teak, and Sungkai.

The advantages of engineered wood include the relative resistance to shrinkage and bending caused by air temperatures. And this floor can also be used directly under the ground or attached to the concrete as long as the surface is not bumpy (even).

The material of this wood is a combination of solid wood with laminate or multiplex material. At the bottom, medium laminate material is used for the upper part coated with solid wood. The process is done to make it use modern technology, so as to provide stability to expansion and shrinkage on the wooden floor.

The surface of the parquet floor is also coated with a UV coating that is able to provide anti-scratch and stain. A smooth and undulating surface certainly gives a natural impression that is able to enhance the aesthetics of the house.

There are several advantages to using this engineered wood floor. These advantages include:

Easy installation process.

easy maintenance engineered wood flooring

On some variations of the initial floor, using an engineered wood parquet is very easy to install. The installation uses a tongue and groove click system. Installation can also be done by other methods, such as floating systems or by attaching them. Its application in your homeroom adds to the natural impression displayed.

Can be used in different styles

Engineered wood can be used in Flat, Wire Brushed, Hand Scraped style.

It gives a more natural feel and is also comfortable to live in.

wood flooring

The residents of the house need not hesitate if they want to sit or lie down on it, because the wooden floor also provides health and hygiene.

The floor of the engineered wood parquet has an affordable price.

The manufacturing material which is a combination of laminate wood and solid wood does not make the price offered higher. so that it becomes an alternative for residents of the house to further reduce costs when installing engineered wood parquet flooring.

Easy maintenance

This type of wood does not need to do complicated cleaning, because you only need a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Especially in this type of wood has the advantage of anti-scratch and stain, so it will be easier to clean it.

Thus are several tips for using engineered wood parquet flooring that you can know. The advantages of this engineered parquet wood floor are certainly your choice if you want to make the floor using wood floors.