7 Tips to Get the Best Wood Cutting Board

The type of wood determines the durability of a wood cutting board. Some wood cutting boards even can dull your knife and are full of marks after a few months. That’s why you need to know the things to consider while selecting wood cutting boards. This information is also crucial even if you want to order a custom wood cutting board. Use the buying guide below to get the right board you need.  

Check the Hardness Rating of a Wood 

Each wood has a hardness rating. It is measured in pounds-force or Lbf. For example, the hardness rating of beech wood is around 1.300lbf whereas teak wood is 1.070lbf. The higher the hardness rating of wood, the more durable the wood from knives. 

A block of wood with a higher hardness level is also harder. This consideration is important to define whether you want to use a cutting board that is easy to get scratches or not. Let say you will see a lot of scratches on the walnut board surface compared to a teak cutting board.    

Check the Pores on the Surface 

The next important consideration to get the best wood cutting board is by checking the pores on the surface. The smaller the pores, the stronger the cutting board against bacteria. Closed-grain wood is the best option because liquid or bacteria can’t enter the pores. 

A liquid that stays on the pores too long of a cutting board triggers mildew, mold, and stains. Indeed, bacteria can be dangerous for the ingredients and threaten your health when eating them. It is better not to buy open-grain wood cutting boards because the surface easily absorbs liquid and bacteria. 

As a result, you have to replace the cutting board over again. A specific cutting board made from beech or maple is a good option because they have small pores. On the other hand, you need specific treatment for teak cutting boards because they have large pores.  

Food-Safe Wood 

Not all woods are safe for a cutting board. Some of them contain toxic and may be poisonous when mixed with food. So, what kind of wood is that food-safe? Most woods that produce edible fruits, nuts, leaves, and sap are food-safe. 

That’s why teak, maple, walnut, pine, and bamboo are great materials for a cutting board. Avoid specific woods, such as Purple Heart because it contains toxic, although the board will be stunning. Remember! Safety first if you want to choose a board to process foods.  

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Size and Shape 

The size and shape of a cutting board matter. You can’t slice the ingredients comfortably if the board is too small or large. The size of a standard cutting board is around 8 x 10 inches, 20 x 30 inches, or larger. 

You can start by considering what types of food you want to cook and its portion. The larger the portion, the larger the board since you have to cut a lot of ingredients. A round cutting board is recommended if you want to serve a pizza. Nowadays, some boards are also suitable for decoration to create stunning photos.  

Key Features 

A cutting board looks simple without any features. The truth is that some of them have key features. These features help you to chop ingredients without a mess and safely. Let say some manufacturers produce wood cutting boards with a trench. It is often a half-inch from the edge and around the board. 

This feature is not only for decoration but it is also useful to collect excess liquid. As a result, the liquid doesn’t run out off the board and smear your countertop. This cutting board is perfect for those who want to cut fish, chicken, and meat. Some of you may be complaining because your cutting board is getting slipped easily. 

It happens because the board doesn’t have rubber feet. This feature is crucial to prevent the board from slipping or falling during the cutting, especially when you are cutting hard or big ingredients. Rubber protectors on the board edges are also another feature you need to check while selecting wood cutting boards. A cutting board that has rubber wrap on each edge often has a better grip. The function of this feature is to keep the board steady in case you don’t use the entire surface.  

Extra Protection

Some cutting boards are shinier than others. It can be because the manufacturers apply mineral oil to give extra protection against humidity. Some woods are shrinking, warping, or splitting when the humidity decreases. Mineral oil can reduce this issue. Ensure that the manufacturers choose food-grade mineral oil, so it doesn’t contaminate the ingredients you want to chop.      

This is the process of making wood cutting board, let’s see video below

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeC9KP9_7w8


Each cutting wood has a different cost. It depends on the wood the manufacturers use and the way they finish the board. A teak cutting board is more expensive than a beech cutting board. A plank of teak wood is expensive due to its quality. That’s why all furniture made from teak is costly, even a cutting board. 

It will be better to buy a board on a budget. It is okay if you spend extra money if you have to buy a specific cutting board, such as when you need it for photography. The most important thing is that the product is useful and supports your cooking. You may think about buying a bit expensive cutting board but it will last longer instead of replacing the board over again.   

Now, you know that you can’t choose a cutting board only because it is aesthetic to see. You also have to consider its durability and safety. The wood cutting board buying guide above will help you to get the best product that covers all your needs.

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