The wood custom board Indonesia could be a consideration when you want to get a cutting board to be placed in your kitchen.  As we know, sometimes it is quite difficult to find the best cutting board since there are much different wood used and there are some different sizes and shapes of it. That is why choosing the custom wood board is a good idea to be applied. 

Of course, before deciding on your favorite wood custom board, we have some points to deliver as long as to add your choosing consideration. Here, we will talk about some important matters about this wooden board, including the best wood to choose. 

Benefits of Choosing Wood Custom Board

We know that there are many products of wood boards that are available in the exact sizes and shapes. However, choosing the custom wood board is more interesting. By choosing the wood custom board, people could personalize their style. Substantively, it is a simple matter but it is effective to increase the sense of belonging.

On another hand, choosing the wood custom board is also effective to boost the value of the home. For example, when you want to redecorate your kitchen with a new concept, the custom wood board will maximize the result. 

Choosing the wood custom board also ensures a perfect furniture fit. By using the custom size, you could arrange the space effectively and it will ease you to set the whole furniture. It means having a neat arrangement of furniture will be easier to get. 

Last but not least, the wood custom board also could improve the home’s look. Maybe, some of you will doubt it. However, we argue that with the custom size, you will get a unique wooden board that some people haven’t. 

Best Type of Wood Custom Board to Choose

Some people think that wood boards are the same since it made from wood. Substantively, the kinds of wooden boards are different, especially when it is seen from the wood type. Of course, the kinds of wood will provide different quality and durability.

Here, we have some options of the best wood to choose from in considering the best wooden board for your kitchen and other needs. The options are:


It could be said that pinewood is a popular material for the board. Most people choose this type of wood since it looks natural and effective to increase the aesthetic taste to renew the room decoration. 

However, pinewood has some issues. The biggest problem with the pine board is the moisture. That is why drying this board after washing it is a must. Letting this board wet for a long time will corrupt it.


If you look for a durable board, teakwood is a good option to choose. For example, the cutting board made from teakwood is nice since you will not see the scratches from your knife in its appearance. 

On another hand, teakwood is chosen because of its natural color. That is why many people often use this type of wood as the basic material of their furniture.

Well, if you want to look for some furniture made from teakwood with lower cost and great quality, you could consider the product of Jati Luhur Agung. Click for the detailed products. 


Walnut also becomes a popular type of wood to be applied as a new board. It has the softest surface compared with the two kinds of wood before. Then, walnut also has medium to large pores. These matters will make this wood has a good safe level for the food. 

The characteristics of walnut also will keep this wood free from moisture and bacteria. The surface also will not dull the knife but you will see some scratches after it.

Bamboo wood

Nowadays, you also could find a useful wood custom board made from bamboo wood. This type of wood is interesting, especially with its high durability. On another hand, this wood has a natural anti-bacterial. By this content, of course, bamboo wood will be very useful to keep the kinds of food (that is sliced on its surface) hygiene. 

Many people said that bamboo wood is also hard. It means that this board will not easily crack after you use it to cut some hard ingredients. 

Those four kinds of wood are the most popular wood custom board in Indonesia you may find. Of course, every wood has its different characteristics to consider before choosing it.

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Tips to Clean and Take Care of a Custom Board

If you use a custom board, especially a cutting board, of course, you need to clean and take care of that board, so it could be used for a longer time. Washing the board using soap and hot water is what you could do for the first time. The combination of soap and hot water will be very effective to clean the dust and muck on the board’s surface.

Then, coating and buffing the wooden board using food-safe mineral oil also could be a good thing to do. It is a simple matter that you may apply and it is very effective to prevent splitting and warping, and will protect the surface condition.

However, how about the tips to solve the deep scratches?

It could be said that after a long-time usage, the wooden board will be broken and there will be some deep scratches. If you see this problem happen, you may contact a local cutting board maker and then ask them to refinish it.

Minimally, those three matters could be done as the way to take care of the wood custom board that you have. In addition, you also need to make sure that the boards are saving well. 

That is all about the wood custom board that you need to know. With its custom shape and size, you will get the best board that is in line with your personality. Consider the ideas of wood custom board Indonesia and choose which board is perfect for you!

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