wood parquet flooring by jati luhur agung

Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring from a collection of pieces of wood that have been pressed in such a way as to form pieces or boards ready to be installed on a concrete floor.

Parquet material can be made from solid wood, which consists of 100% original wood such as teak and can also be processed parquet, or often referred to as engineered wood or laminate. For the price of a solid, wood parquet can be more expensive and requires maintenance, the processed parquet provides solutions in terms of lower prices and more efficient installation.

The installation of parquet floors also depends on the type of parquet you choose. The installation of a solid wood parquet is generally more complex and requires special professionals, while the processed parquet can be installed by placing, installing a click system, or gluing it.

Because it uses pieces or pieces of wood arranged to form a stripboard formation, then there is a decorative element that you can find on parquet floors. This mosaic nuance often makes parquet have its beauty.

The name parquet itself comes from the French word parqueterie and has existed since 1600. Parquet flooring was once a luxurious flooring material and can be found in Versailles and Grand Trianon tablets. But thanks to technology, parquet can now be enjoyed everywhere.

What are the benefits of parquet floors?

1. Parquet Floor Variations

The main ingredients of parquet floors consist of pieces of wood that are installed together, parquet floors have a geometric and decorative beauty that cannot be displayed by ordinary wooden boards.

In addition to beautiful formations, parquet floors can also be painted or finished with different styles. So it’s no wonder that parquet floors can provide a warm feel that still looks elegant.

2. Easy to Clean

Parquet flooring is one solution for those of you who want to have a home that is minimal maintenance and always looks neat clean. This type of parquet flooring does not require a lot of troublesome maintenance. You just need to clean, as usual, sweep and mop, especially for processed parquet floors.

For those of you who choose a solid parquet, the treatment is also not troublesome. Simply swept and mopped with a half wet cloth. Occasionally, you are also advised to give a lustrous liquid so that the solid parquet floor looks sparkling and beautiful.

3. Sturdy & Durable

Parquet flooring has high durability and can be worn for everyday household needs. Normal use of parquet floors also rarely shows signs of aging or damage. The characteristics of parquet floors, especially solid parquet floors, are indeed quite strong and durable, even reaching up to 50 years!

4. Non-allergenic ingredients

Parquet floors can be the best consideration for those of you who have allergic problems. Unlike other types of flooring, for example, wood floors that are more able to catch allergens, for example like pollen, dust, pet pests, parquet floors have a lightning finishing that is easy to clean at any time.

5. Quite Affordable

Thanks to parquet wood processing technology, you can find a wide variety of parquet floors. Starting from the wood material used, the preferred texture and finishing, dominating patterns, diverse colors, to prices that fit your budget.

As with solid type parquet floors, although the material and installation can be twice that of processed parquet, the investment value is far more profitable both in the short and long term. So, if you have more budget, it never hurts to consider installing solid parquet floors to add value to the property you own.

In addition to strengths, parquet floors also have their disadvantages, as below.

6. Preparation for Installation

Parquet flooring requires a solid, completely flat surface. So often homeowners must first prepare a floor such as cementing or installing inexpensive ceramics to reach a completely flat surface.

Installation of parquet floors on an uneven floor can be tricked by the installation of carpet or foam, but the final result of the mounting parquet floor is feared to be imperfect. There will be a preparation fee for parquet floor installation that you must anticipate.

7. Cause Sound

The use of parquet wood flooring is often accompanied by sound when tread, in contrast to ceramic floors which usually do not sound at all. Many homeowners are reluctant to use parquet floors in their homes because they are not comfortable. Consider using a solid parquet that is stuck to the surface of the floor which generally does not make any noise at all.

8. Slippery Parquet Floor

Some parquet floors, especially laminate or solid, have properties that are quite slippery so they slip easily when stepped, especially when wet or splashed with water. Although, there are indeed several variations in the texture of parquet floors that you can choose from on the market, parquet floors are not recommended for those of you who have parents or seniors at home, or as a kitchen because they are prone to wetness.

9. There is Potential Damage

Several potential damages can befall your parquet floor, including scratches. Solid or processed parquet floors can be scratched by sharp or blunt objects, furniture movement, or careless use. If it has been scratched, then replacing parquet floors in certain areas is rather difficult because it must be completely demolished. Therefore, avoid wearing high heels or lining it with carpet to minimize the potential for scratches due to objects around.

Also, there is a humidity problem. Although stronger than normal wood floors, parquet flooring still has the potential to rot if it is often submerged in water or installed in humid temperatures. You can avoid this potential damage by always keeping the humidity level.

Don’t forget, there is a possibility that the color fading if the parquet floor is placed to coincide with the entry of sunlight. It is not impossible for the appearance of parquet floors to fade or change color. To prevent color damage or fading of parquet floors, try to arrange furniture strategically or use curtains to reduce the impact of UV rays on parquet floors at home.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of parquet floors, are you interested in applying wood parquet flooring to your home?