have an aesthetic value

The floor is one of the most important parts of the house. In addition to being able to represent the nuances of your room, the floor selection also needs to be done carefully so the installation is durable and safe. One of the best options for installing the flooring, you can use parquet wood flooring.

Not only can add the aesthetic value of residential, but parquet wood flooring also has a series of advantages over ceramic floors, and is available with a variety of options to be adjusted according to the needs and budget for the home.

For those of you who are interested in applying parquet wood flooring in residential areas, check out the sundries related to the following variations of parquet flooring.

Difference Parquet Wood Flooring & Regular Wood Flooring

tiles vs wood flooring

Parquet wood flooring and wood flooring are usually produced from a collection of pieces of wood that have gone through the process of pressing into boards so that they are ready to be installed on concrete floors.

Although it looks the same, the two types of wood flooring have differences, where parquet wood flooring consists of wood chips with profiles on the sides so that installation can be done by locking between the sides of the floor and then reinforced with firing nails. 

Meanwhile, ordinary wooden floors utilize intact wood units to be paired with each other with the help of screws.

Parquet Wood Floor Variations

There are two variations of wood parquet material on the market. First is solid parquet wood flooring that uses real wood, such as hevea, acacia, teakwood, and mahogany wood.

Another variation is engineered parquet flooring. This variation has a thin veneer layer on the top surface, while at the bottom there is a layer of plywood to guarantee strength. Meanwhile, the basic material used in the engineered wood parquet is processed wood.

Types of Parquet Wood Floor

Besides consisting of various variations of basic materials, parquet wood floors can also be applied in various parts of the house. Well, what are some examples of the application of parquet wood floors?


First, you can apply parquet wood flooring on residential interiors. The look of wood in flooring will give you a warm and natural feel to the house with a floor arrangement that you can adjust according to your wishes, such as horizontal and mosaics. For wood mosaic models, there is generally a type of parquet with a separate module arrangement making it easy to install.


You can also use parquet wood flooring as an exterior of the house to create a warm and free from damp feel. Installing wooden flooring outdoors gives a magnificent impression and can repel insects at home.

Parquet wood flooring is the best choice for you who want to create the impression of elegance, warmth, and aesthetics in the residence. The selection of the best floor material must certainly consider whether the interior of the dwelling will be in harmony with the chosen floor material. If you choose wood parquet as a residential flooring material, do not hesitate to continue to look for inspiration for flooring patterns that match your occupancy.