Engineered wood floor has created great strides in recent decades. It provides homeowners with an affordable yet stylish option of flooring. Of course, you couldn’t find this easy-to-install wood flooring in years past. If you are interested in engineered wood for your flooring, you have to know that it is available in different faces.

Engineered Wood Floor Choices

Engineered hardwood flooring has really come a long way. Now, it constitutes 30% of wood flooring in the United States. So, whether you build a new home or restore an old one, you have to select the perfect option of engineered wood for your flooring. In fact, engineered wood comes in different finishes, styles, as well as installation methods.

Engineered Wood Floor from Traditional Oak

If you want to feel the warmth of traditional wood flooring, the best choice will be red or white oak. If you think that you cannot afford it, it is not right at all. For your information, oak engineered floor costs much more affordable than the real thing. There are many options of finishes or stains you can choose. Even more, you can re-create any look based on your desired.

Engineered Wood Floor from Natural Maple

We all know that light-color floor is a great choice for children’s nurseries, dining rooms, or any space you want to feel airy & bright. Each piece of natural maple engineered flooring shows different shade & color. After you install the boards completely, the floor becomes fresh so that it enhances your home décor.

Exotic Options of Engineered Wood Floor

When it comes to engineered flooring, there are many types of wood for your options. Maple, pine, and oak belong to the most popular woods for engineered flooring. You can also find exotic species like Tobacco Road Acacia, Teak, and Oak. These options are well known for their remarkable grain and color variations.

Wide Plank Engineered Wood Floor

Wood plank floor has the wider boards than the traditional 3”. It tends to have a custom that remains us of historic homes as well as country settings. For example, Brazilian Cherry plank floor catches the eyes with its varied patterns of grain as well as warm red & gold tones. It allows you to achieve a luxury look with a minimum of hassle.

Stained Engineered Wood Flooring

You can find almost any stain for solid hardwood in engineered floor planks. So, just look for the most appropriate stain of wood floor for your style. So, you have to select the best engineered flooring carefully by considering its stains.

Distressed or ‘Hand-scraped’ Engineered Wood Floor

Distressed finish belongs to the rustic flooring with the simplified installation and durability. Its textured surface tolerates bruises and bumps well, making distressed engineered wood floor not only a good-looking option but also a practical choice for homes with kids & pets or high-traffic areas.

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Engineered Wood Flooring Benefits

After knowing that engineered wood floor is available in different faces, you need to understand its benefits.


Engineered wood flooring is well known for its extensive lifespan. It contains some layers underneath the veneer surface. It is reasonable that engineered wood belongs to most favorite material of flooring. You should take caution when installing it in the kitchen because of the risk of high moisture. Anyway, it will outperform other floors, thanks to its ability to contact and expand. So, applying an engineered wood flooring can be a great decision.


Applying engineered wood flooring won’t break your bank account. Compared to maple or other high-priced hardwoods, it is much more affordable.

When you compared it to common hardwoods, it may slightly be pricier. But solid wood will take longer for installation. If you want to pay for installation, engineered wood flooring will save you much money on that.

Easy to Install

Everyone knows that engineered wood flooring is easy to lay, thanks to its simple tongue &groove system. So, the wooden boards perfectly fit together. Whether you consider DIY or professional installation, choosing engineered wood flooring will save time & money. Now, having dream floor will come true.

Long Lifespan

It is important to maintain the look of your floor throughout its lifetime. There is nothing worse than a floor that look tired as it can bring down the whole style of a room.

You can sand engineered wood to get rid of cuff marks, even though you have to pick wood that comes with thicker top layers so that you can sand it down more.

Then, you just need to simply refinish it to complete the new lease of life of your floor. Even more, you can choose a new finish for a complete overhaul as well as get a new look.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for engineered wood flooring could not be easier. Even though it is less susceptible to damage from moistures compared to hardwood, it still cannot handle large amounts of water when you clean it.

To clean up dirt and dust, you must use a soft bristled brush or vacuum cleaner. To clean it, you can use a slightly damp mop. Like most floorings, when there is any spill, you have to clean up immediately to avoid staining, even if your floor is oiled and lacquered.

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Wide Choice

There are many options of engineered wood you can choose, from contemporary styles for modern homes to dark & traditional looks. Besides that, there is also a wide range of price. So, you can access any type of budget.


In the end, we can conclude that there are many faces of engineered wood floor you can consider. To choose the best one, you have to compared the available options. Each type has its own pros and cons. Anyway, this kind of floor has many benefits that make it a perfect choice. After applying an engineered hardwood floor, make sure that you maintain it properly to keep it lasting longer. In Jati Luhur Agung, all engineered hardwood faces are available. Just feel free to contact us here.

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