best wooden cutting board 2022

The Best Wooden Cutting Boards in 2022

Once you have a good knife, then the next investment that you need is a good wood cutting boards. It will become one of the most important items that you often use in the kitchen especially if you love to cook. It might be an easy item to get, however, there are actually a lot of options that you can find out there. That is why, you need to be…

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indonesian wood cutting board

How To Choose Best Wood Cutting Board In Indonesia and Where To Buy

Choosing a wood cutting board can be very problematic if you are juts new to kitchen tools. Indonesia is one of the country that is rich of wood types. Now if you are living in Indonesia and wanting to live up your kitchen, stay! We come with the ultimate tips on how to choose the best wood cutting board in Indonesia.  In this regards, we are going to lead you…

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6 Best Wood Cutting Board for your Kitchen

6 Best Type of Custom Wood Cutting Board for your Kitchen

At a glance, a wood cutting board looks the same, they are all made from wood. The truth is that all cutting boards aren’t the same. The significant difference is in its type of wood. Each cutting board is coming from different wood. So, what are the best wood for a cutting board? Check the information below, so you can get the right board.   Beech Wood  This wood is hard…

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