flooring installation cost

To increase the market value of your home, it will be a good idea to install new flooring. Moreover, it can also elevate the living space. Before you decide whether you better choose a DIY project or hiring a professional installer, you need to know about its cost. In fact, floor installation costs high enough and it usually ranges from $1,500 to $4,500 per 500-square-foot.

The Cost of Floor Installation Per Square Foot

Generally, hardwood flooring costs highest among other flooring materials. The lowest cost is laminate flooring where it starts from less than $1 / square foot. Meanwhile, premium, hand-scraped hardwood is the most expensive one where it costs over $10 / square foot.

For tile, the flooring installation costs about $2 / square foot. However, high-end tile flooring installation can reach hundreds of dollars per sq-ft. Anyway, tile flooring installation is generally more affordable than hardwood.

If you consider the lower budget, carpet flooring can be an alternative where it costs $0.65 / square foot. Meanwhile, super plush, premium carpet from New Zealand wool costs $10 / square foot or even higher.

Installation Costs of Different Flooring Types

flooring installation cost

Of course, floor installation cost depends on the type of the material.


As we know, hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but also versatile. That’s why this can be a great investment. In fact, its beauty and value can last decades. Even though water and humidity may damage it, you can treat it with a finish so that it maintains shiny and durable. Usually, hardwood flooring installation costs around $6 – $22 / square foot. It depends on the wood & flooring type.


Because of its durability, tile also belongs to a good choice for flooring. Unfortunately, its cost tends to be expensive. Averagely, it costs $6 – $20 / square foot. From many materials of tiles available, ceramic and porcelain tiles belong to the priciest.


If you prioritize comfort, carpet may be what you want. Besides that, carpet flooring is low-maintenance, too. Commonly, it costs $3.5 – $11 / square foot. But if you consider a luxurious option, it usually costs much higher. Although it is very comfortable and holds warmth, carpeting is challenging enough to clean.


For a basement or kitchen, vinyl can be a good flooring material to choose. In addition to easy to maintain, vinyl also comes in different colors & patterns. Actually, it costs lower, only from $3 – $7 / square foot. However, it usually lasts less time.


The next option is laminate. Due to durability and ease of use, it can be a perfect option. Typically, it costs $3 – $10 / square foot.


Then, linoleum is also a great choice as it is not only hard-wearing but also easy to clean. Even more, it is low-maintenance as well as cost-efficient where it costs $3 – $7 / square foot.


Another best option is bamboo flooring. Because it lasts long, resists to pest, and doesn’t require additional treatment, bamboo flooring can be a smart choice. Unfortunately, the cost is high enough, from $5 – $15.

Floor Installation Labor Cost

floor installation labor cost

Of course, the cost of labor for floor installation varies, from $0.6 – $4 / square foot. But this rate doesn’t include other materials and additional works such as moving furniture and removing old floor. Besides that, labor cost also depends on the flooring type you choose as well as the space you want to install the floor into.

What Affects the Floor Installation Cost?

There are a few factors that may affect the cost of flooring installation.


Indeed, material is the main factor affecting the cost of flooring installation. For example, laminate floor installation cost ranges from $0.68 – $2.59 / square foot. Meanwhile, real hardwood is much more expensive where it costs $3 -$12 / square foot. Then, tile costs $1 – $3 / square foot whereas carpet costs $2 – $5 / square foot.


The second biggest factor that affects the cost of flooring installation is labor. Usually, a contractor running a small business and doing their work shave much money off the job than a contractor assigned by a big-box store to you. Besides that, a larger store will often aim for a larger profit margin so that you must pay higher. In case of labor cost, laminate hardwood generally costs about $1 to $2 / sq-ft, real hardwood costs about $3 to $9 / sq-ft, tile costs $6 to $8 / sq-ft, and carpet costs $1 to $3 / sq-ft.


Padding or underlayment is laid underneath carpet to add support and absorb any spill. Commonly, it comes in 3 to 4-price points. Meanwhile, tile installation needs underlayment in order for cracking prevention from uneven surface. Then, hardwood installation relies on the underlayment to create a smooth installation surface as well as minimize noise. For your information, a basic-grade 500-sq-ft roll of underlayment for hardwood or tile usually costs $26. Then, carpet padding generally costs $0.25 to 0.9 / sq-ft.

Other Factors

Actually, there are still some other factors that affects the installation cost of flooring. They include removal & disposal of old floor, extra materials, flooring size, and function of the space.

Floor Installation Cost Estimation

Considering the costs of materials & labors we have explained above, the average flooring installation cost for a 500-sq-ft space is $850 to $2,3000 with laminate hardwood, $3,000 to $10,500 with real hardwood, $3,500 to $5,500 with tile, and $1,500 to $4,000 with carpet.

How Much Do You Install Flooring Yourself?

We all know that installing floor is very straightforward. Many homeowners consider installing their own flooring because it saves much money. Averagely, floor installation on a DIY project costs $0.15 – $15 / sq-ft for the materials. However, it doesn’t include your preparation & labor time. Besides that, you will have a complete control on the installation process. So, you can have fun while saving money significantly. Now, if you consider hardwood flooring, the best place to buy it is at Jati Luhur Agung.

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