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Talking about modern style, classic wood flooring always becomes a good choice. It combines warm feel with sleek elegance. If you are interested in hand scraped flooring, make sure that you keep reading this article. So, you will understand why you should choose this flooring.

What Is Hand Scraped Flooring?

Hand scraped wood is a kind of hardwood for flooring showcasing its natural lines and texture made during the process of production. Each plank varies from one to another where it shows the unique grooves from the machine or hand which shapes it. Remember that it is different to distressed wood. Mostly, hand scraped wood flooring comes with urethane finish, providing a durable coating which is not only easy to clean but also requires minimal care.

Pros of Hand Scraped Flooring

There are a few reasons why people love this classic wood flooring. So, you need to know about the following pros.

1. Beautiful

One of the reasons why homeowners select this wood flooring due to its beautiful look. In fact, the appearance adds a rustic character to any a space. So, applying this flooring can be a good way to bring a unique feel into your home.

2. Durable

Another advantage of this flooring is that the blemish blends into the boards well. Of course, it is useful for those who have pets or kids, making it safe for them. The irregular marks themselves that make hand scraped hardwood flooring very special. So, any damage can blend into the board’s look and enhance its overall appearance.

3. Low Maintenance

One more thing, this floor requires low maintenance. Since it is already distressed and rustic, scratches will not be a problem.

Cons of Hand Scraped Flooring

However, there are a few cons of hand scraped wood flooring. But it doesn’t mean that it is not a good choice.

1. Cost

Because it requires an experienced craftsman for the installation, it can break your bank. Fortunately, this flooring is increasingly more popular. That’s why some factories offer machine scraped options that look like hand scraped boards. So, you can consider this alternative.

2. Installation

Due to its uniqueness, this flooring needs extra care and maintenance. Make sure that you hire a professional craftsman to install the floor. You also need to understand how to care for the floor to keep it looking good.

3. Deeper Grooves and Refinishing

This flooring tends to catch debris so that you have to clean it up regularly. In addition, refinishing may be a bit harder as keeping the scrapes is not easy, especially when you are sanding it.

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Where to Install Hand Scraped Flooring

This floor can change your home aesthetic or highlight a room’s style. Because of the high-priced installation, you should begin with a room showing off its attractiveness. Below are some ideas where you can install hand scraped flooring.

1. Living Room & Dining Room

Living room & dining room are always great with hand scraped wood floors. In fact, it lets you show off its uniqueness. In this idea, you can combine it with wood décor or furniture to enhance its style.

2. Bedroom

If you want to make your natural bedroom cozy, it will be a good idea to apply hand scraped wood floor. This flooring is also great to renovate a historic home. Or, you can also install it in a home with natural surroundings.

3. Hallways & Foyers

If you just want to have a hand scraped look in some spaces at home, you can consider installing this flooring in the hallways & foyers. Even more, enclosed porches and mudrooms will also be great to showcase the style.

4. Kitchen

It may be a bit dangerous to install wood floor in your kitchen. However, it will be safer if you choose textured hand scraped wood for the floor. The occasionally fallen appliances, a splash of water, and high traffic won’t make noticeable differences. The most important thing is that it offers a beautiful traditional style in the entire room.

Is Hand Scraped Flooring Still Worth It?

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After you know about hand scraped wood floors price per sq foot, you will be able to determine whether it is worth the price. We know that it may show tear & wear. However, those scratches will only show the distinctive look.

You also have to keep in mind that this floor will not offer a gleaming finish. So, if you want a sleek, modern aesthetic, this style is not suitable for you. But if you want character, this style really suits you.

For your information, a machine is not able to produce solid hand scraped wood through the process of a mass manufacturing. Besides that, the price reflects its uniqueness characteristic. You need to know that hand scraped hardwood comes at a lower cost. Produced by a machine, it offers pre-fabricated dents so that it looks like other boards.

Hand Scraped Flooring Installation

Sadly, not all go well as planned when it comes to home renovation. Of course, you know about it well. Here, you must have a plan to ensure that the floor is free from scratches during the installation. In this case, it will be a good idea to hire a professional worker that can do this project carefully. Besides that, you may also need to select a stunning stain you like.

Hand Scraped Flooring Care & Maintenance

While its rustic look probably gets faded, this amazing appearance reminding us of our home history. It means that this floor is not only a trendy décor but also a timeless one for any home. To care for and maintain the floor, a vacuum featuring a hardwood flooring attachment will be useful. You can dry mop the floor with your desired cleaner to keep your hand scraped flooring looking clean. The proper care will also make it last longer.

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