With the high sense of nature, wood flooring becomes one of the most popular flooring ideas to decorate rooms. We may see many homes with different styles use wood as the basic flooring materials. The engineered wood, as its variation, also becomes more popular. However, it is important to know the disadvantages of installing wood flooring as a consideration.

Although there is the word ‘wood’ on the engineered wood flooring, this flooring idea is different from the ‘standard’ wood flooring. That is why you need to be selective in choosing the flooring idea. Minimally, you try to know the kinds of flooring ideas deeply. Moreover, many people said that installing new flooring is an investment.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

As we have said before, engineered wood is different from a ‘standard’ or solid wood concept. The engineered wood have a top layer made of solid wood and it is covered by a multilayer plywood core. The thickness of the top layer and the core will vary based on the designs of the manufacturers. It is the reason why the quality of the engineered flooring will be different. 

On another side, engineered flooring could be made from different kinds of wood. That is why the quality of the engineered wood flooring is also different. On the market, you may find kinds of engineered wood flooring with different levels of quality. 

Disadvantages of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring to Know

It is true that today, engineered flooring becomes a popular flooring idea and many people apply it in decorating their rooms. However, we found some disadvantages to be known about installing this flooring idea. Of course, by knowing about the disadvantages of installing this flooring idea, you could get more consideration before choosing your best flooring material. 

Well, some disadvantages of installing engineered flooring to know are:

The flooring idea could be pricey 

The first potential disadvantage of using engineered flooring at home is its cost. If you compare hardwood flooring and engineered flooring based on the price, of course, engineered wood flooring will be cheaper. 

However, if you want to find durable flooring for decorating your room, you will need to choose the higher grade of engineered flooring. It means that the actual price of this flooring is quite high and the difference with hardwood flooring is only a little. 

On another side, if you try to compare the price of engineered flooring with other flooring ideas like tile, laminate, or maybe vinyl flooring, you will know that engineered flooring has the highest price. 

A low-quality core

Another matter to consider in choosing engineered wood flooring is the quality of the core. You need to realize that the core of this flooring idea differs from solid hardwood. 

Engineered wood flooring is made from processed layers of wood and is glued together. Then, on the top of the layers, there will be paced a solid piece of high-quality wood that is called a veneer. The process means that although the engineered wood flooring looks like solid oak, the fact is it is made up of layers of inferior wood. 

As we have said before, the quality of engineered wood flooring will be different based on the hand of the manufacturer. Sometimes, the internal layers of this flooring consist of oriented strand board or OBS. 

Both the process and materials that are applied to make engineered wood layers make this flooring idea less durable. Maybe, its surface will be broken easily, especially when people place heavy objects above it.

Danger of fading

The next matter about the disadvantages installing engineered wood flooring is the danger of fading, especially when you use this flooring idea for a sunlit room. Unfortunately, most rooms are created to get a certain amount of sunlight. 

Some people try to use rugs as a way to prevent engineered wood flooring from fading. However, it doesn’t work and could make things worse. For example, the things like the rug could create some harshest lines that will be highly noticeable. 

Engineered wood flooring needs specific care

Maintenance becomes what you need to do to keep the good condition of the flooring idea. However, before you install engineered wood flooring, you need to know that in general, this flooring concept needs specific care. 

Engineered wood flooring is less vulnerable to chemicals and moisture than solid wood flooring idea. However, you still need to be careful when you want to clean it.

In cleaning the surface of engineered flooring, you cannot use a high amount of water. Then, when the flooring is wet, you need to wipe it quickly to prevent the water could damage its surface. 

You also cannot do steam clean for this flooring idea. The heat and steam that you use could corrupt the appearance of the flooring. 

Limit about times to refinish 

Sometimes, refinishing becomes another maintenance to do, especially when the flooring idea looks lusterless and dull. After the refinishing project, we are sure that the flooring will look newer and also fresh. 

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the times to refinish the appearance of engineered flooring. Of course, the limit of refinishing time for wood engineering is different based on the quality of the flooring. However, it is not as much as solid wood since the refinish project could damage the appearance of engineered flooring.

Based on some points above, we could see that there are some disadvantages of installing engineered flooring to consider. We are sure that engineered flooring could be a good flooring idea, especially with its unique surface. However, you need to make sure that it needs more maintenance and that the quality of this flooring is lower than the solid wood flooring idea.

That is all about the disadvantages of installing wood flooring to consider. If you want to renew your room decoration by changing the flooring concept, you could see the wood flooring products by Jati Luhur Agung. Many wood floorings are available with different-best materials and generous prices. Click jla.co.id to check the catalogs!

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