The wood countertops kitchen –or it is also known as butcher block countertops, introduces a higher warmth to a kitchen. The appliance of this countertop will add a sense of rustic charm. Then, on the other side, it also establishes the vibes of a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Many people choose the wood countertop in renewing their kitchen since this countertop idea could even help soften the sleeker and sharper elements of both contemporary and modern kitchens. On another hand, the wood countertops are also excellent with the sense of nature that will usefully increase the comfort inside the kitchen.

We realize that countertops are available in different models and materials. The manufacturers provide kinds of countertops made from granite, ceramic, or even stainless steel. However, the wood countertops still have their fans.

On this occasion, we will talk about some matters of wood countertops kitchen that you need to know before deciding and buying. Of course, by knowing some details about this countertop, you will get more reasons for why you choose this countertop rather than others. 

Why Choosing Wood Countertops?

As we have said before, there are some different materials applied to create interesting countertops to renew the whole kitchen decoration. However, we have some reasons why the wood countertop is still relevant to choose and it could be a favorite option to decide. Of course, we are sure that these reasons are subjective. 

The sense of nature becomes the key to this countertop. Wood is applied as the representative of natural touch. For those who want to feel a natural warmth inside the kitchen, of course, choosing wood as the basic material of kitchen elements is nice.

On another hand, wood is very interesting with its natural patterns. You could realize that the natural patterns of wood will not be found in other countertop materials. It means that wood countertops also deliver a sense of exclusivity. 

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The Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops Kitchen

Before deciding the wood countertops kitchen as part of your kitchen decoration, knowing the pros and cons of this countertop idea is also important. By knowing both pros and cons of this countertop, maintaining this kitchen element will be easier to be done.

Some pros of the wood countertops kitchen are:

The wood countertop is beautiful

The first reason for choosing the wood countertop over the other countertop material is its beauty. Wood has a unique pattern that will deliver a more interesting appearance when it is applied inside the kitchen. 

Easier to install

Since it could be applied for kinds of kitchen remodel, wood countertop is also easier to be installed. Here, you may cut prefab the butcher-block tops to fit around sinks, corners, and appliances much more easily than the stone. For the DIYer, it will be very helpful.

Wood could be refinished

The next pros of wood countertops are they could be refinished –like the idea of maintenance. During the appliance, the knife scratches, deep gouges, or even the burn will mark the surface of the countertops. However, by refinishing, the appearance of the countertop will be better. 

However, besides its prons, the wood countertops kitchen also has some cons to consider. The cons could be your reminder and other considerations before choosing this kind of countertop as your favorite option.

Some cons of this kitchen countertop idea are:

The wood countertops need maintenance

It could be said that maintenance is important to keep the condition of the countertop on the top level. However, you need to do it more regularly if using the wood countertop. Minimally, you need to do monthly oiling as the basic maintenance for this countertop.

It is not fireproof

Wood is not fireproof. It means that there is a risk when mixing the wood countertop with the stove. When you want to use a wood countertop, you need to manage the arrangement of the stove and other kitchen elements better. 

Recommended Ideas for Wood Countertops Kitchen to Consider

To ease you in choosing the best wood countertops to renew the look of your kitchen, here we have some recommended ideas. Of course, these ideas could be your consideration.

The recommended ideas for this kitchen countertop are:

Walnut wood countertops

The walnut wood countertops could be your first consideration in looking for a perfect countertop. This idea is perfect, especially with its rich color and texture. It will be suitable to be applied for the white kitchen.

Curly maple wood countertops

The curly maple wood countertops offer complete matter inside the kitchen. The idea of modern wood kitchen countertops is not only interesting in their appearance, but it offers better strength and durability. On another hand, the natural pattern of curly maple also will make it perfect as a stylish option.

Reclaimed wood countertops

This idea of the kitchen countertop also could be considered the best option. By applying the reclaimed wood countertops idea, you could infuse a sense of history inside your kitchen. We are sure that besides its beautiful appearance, you also will get the classical sense.

Wood countertop combinations

The combination of concrete and butcher-block countertops could be a good idea to consider. It adds higher flexibility to the kitchen island. The concrete surface will create an interesting appearance like an industrial look. Then, the butcher block itself will deliver a higher sense of nature to enjoy.

The three ideas above could be another reference to ease you in choosing the best wood countertops to renew the look of your kitchen. Of course, there are other countertops styles and ideas to consider that you could decide on based on the concept of your kitchen. If you want to know more about wood countertops kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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